The LogiMedix Diabetes VIP Program

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LogiMedix is an accredited Medicare provider and each store acts as a subcontractor providing delivery and instruction services. The stores are paid a dispensing fee with no risk of loss and no transaction costs. It provides stores with a means to combat mail order and retain current patients.

As with all LogiMedix Med B Partner Programs, LogiMedix handles collection of all Medicare required documentation from physicians and patients. LogiMedix guarantees a profit on each transaction while eliminating liabilities and LogiMedix also manages all Medicare billing and audit requests. Each partner pharmacy is paid a dispensing fee by LogiMedix for professional services. Customer support for both patients and pharmacy staff is provided by LogiMedix as well as seamless connectivity allowing pharmacy staff to operate within their own store's systems with back office functions managed transparently.

With the LogiMedix Diabetes VIP Program, your store can eliminate claim processor fees, reduce accreditation costs, and eliminate the need to wait for insurance payments and manufacturer rebates.

When using all three of the LogiMedix MED B Pharmacy Partners Programs, pharmacies can voluntarily terminate enrollment in Medicare Part B, eliminating the expenses associated with surety bonds and re-enrollment fees.

Pharmacies can continue to meet the needs of valuable Medicare patients and retain store traffic and prescription volume, without the burden of Medicare Part B billing and document collection. Pharmacy staff can focus on customer care and prescription fulfillment, while LogiMedix improves your bottom line.


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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
9am to 5pm EST,
Voicemail monitoring after hours, on weekends & during holidays

About LogiMedix

LogiMedix has been a participating Medicare provider since 1998 and has received Exemplary Provider accreditation from The Compliance Team. The company provides diabetes supplies and select pharmaceuticals to Medicare Part B patients nationwide exclusively through partnerships with local and regional pharmacies. By working closely with our retail partners, we deliver friendly local service while efficiently managing billing and back office functions at our corporate location. Our mission is to provide value to our partner pharmacies and our mutual patients while assuming the responsibility for compliance with the Medicare Part B program requirements.

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