Diabetic Supplies

You manage your blood sugar, we'll manage the rest


Controlling diabetes can be a challenge. So can dealing with the billing and paperwork of Medicare Part B claims. LogiMedix not only provides the supplies necessary to help you easily and accurately monitor blood sugar levels, but coordinates all insurance billing and document collection as an accredited Medicare provider.

Select Prescription Drugs

Specialty medications require specialized support


A limited number of prescription drugs are covered under Medicare Part B and have specialized billing requirements. Medications for nebulizer treatments, immunosuppressant drugs for organ transplant recipients, and certain oral medications for patients undergoing chemotherapy are covered under Medicare Part B, and are available through partner pharmacies participating in our Med B Drug Program.

Flu Vaccinations

Get the shot, not the flu


Flu shots, as well as pneumonia vaccinations, are covered under Medicare Part B with no deductible and no patient copayment required. Participating partner pharmacies can provide on site vaccinations by certified pharmacists to safeguard your health during flu season.

Hours of Operation

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Voicemail monitoring after hours, on weekends & during holidays

About LogiMedix

LogiMedix has been a participating Medicare provider since 1998 and has received Exemplary Provider accreditation from The Compliance Team. The company provides diabetes supplies and select pharmaceuticals to Medicare Part B patients nationwide exclusively through partnerships with local and regional pharmacies. By working closely with our retail partners, we deliver friendly local service while efficiently managing billing and back office functions at our corporate location. Our mission is to provide value to our partner pharmacies and our mutual patients while assuming the responsibility for compliance with the Medicare Part B program requirements.

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